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Customise a Licensed Platform for your exclusive use & internal professional development needs. Load your own content or work with our experts to develop high quality content tailored for your operations & needs. Benefit from endless customisation options & interfaces with your existing platforms!

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Quickly & cost effectively launch a customised & branded Licensed Application to engage your existing & new customers. Work with our experts to enhance your self-paced content for digital delivery. Benefit from endless customisation options & interfaces with your existing platforms!

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“It was, perhaps, the most enjoyable course I have ever participated in! The slides were extremely informative – but not exhausting – the pictures were nice thus, not bombarding the participant with just written content and the videos were super clear, cohesive, and easy to follow. I honestly cannot wait for the rest of the modules.”

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Please see below 6 of our most frequently asked questions. Please feel free to contact us if your query isn’t answered & we will get right back to you!

What’s the difference between an Industry & Licensed Platform?

Industry platforms are managed by us, accessed by multiple employers, professionals & regulators from around the world & cannot be customised. Licensed platforms are accessed by employers &/or professionals authorised by the licensee & can be customised.

How are Industry Platforms accessed?

Industry Platforms are easily accessed by the creation of free employer (company), professional (individual) or stakeholder (regulators etc.) ‘Profiles’. Users can ‘link’ & ‘unlink’ their Profiles, activating various functionalities (including access to exclusive content).

Can I create exclusive content on Industry Platforms?

Yes. Our Industry Platforms all have a subscription-based tools that allow employers to create exclusive content accessibly only by the employees.

What is MOTI Content?

We have a large library of short self-paced Courses which you can access on our Industry Applications on a pay as you use basis or, which you can license for use on your Licensed Application.

How far can I customise & interface a Licensed Platform?

We own the technology & have the team for endless customisations or interfaces of your Licensed Platform. The options are endless, subject only to your budget & needs.

What do I need to start?

Nothing exceptional. All our Industry & Licensed Platforms are hosted/maintained by us, meaning all you need to get started is a computer & normal internet connection!

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